Television Programming: Black Throwback Hub

  1. Network Name: Black Throwback Hub (BTH)

Programming: Thomas

Social Media Executive: Gillyjob123, Thomas

Advertisement Executive: Gillyjob123

Monday: Family Matters x2 & The Cosby Show x2

Tuesday: Martin x2 & The Fresh Prince of Bel Air x2

Wednesday: Moesha x2 & One on One & Sister, Sister

Thursday: A Different World x4

Friday: The Proud Family, Kenan & Kel, Class of 3000, That’s So Raven


4. (Monday)- Are you ready to show your kids what real TV was about! Tune in for a #blastfrompast take, as we preview two of the of the best family shows during your childhood. Just cut on your TV and remember and remake some memories like you did when you were little kid with your kids. #BTHtv.


(Wednesday): It’s Wednesday night and we’re back with some female lead throwbacks!  Which throwback female is your #WCW? #Itslit #GirlPower


In Monday’s tweet, we try to grab a hold of the older people in the generations of the show. Whom have possibly watched the show with their parents growing up. Though most of the shows are not old, they are still watchable and should grab an eye to the younger generation as well. Wednesdays lineup consist of shows with a strong black female lead. The core demographic for this nostalgic night of programming is girls.  Primarily in their late teens through 20’s.  To grab the demographic we take advantage of the woman crush Wednesday tag(WCW) to seem cool and trendy.



  • Apple

  • Nike

The main audience for channel Black Throwback Hub “BTH” is aimed primarily towards the African-American community. There are specific days where we split to have it it up to have all groups of the community, so they can “re”enjoy their favorite classic shows growing up back in the day!

On Wednesday, The shows are primarily targeted for the women of color. Mainly to the girls who grew up around the late 80s’ to mid-early 90s’. A good commercial ad for this age group would  be Nike. This is perfect because around this age, people may start to see that they might have put on some weight and something they’d probably like to see is, “what’s the most comfortable, and affordable thing I can by while looking stylish?”. I believe Nike is the best company for that.

Friday is targeted towards African-Americans who grew up in the late 90s’ and early 2000s’ within the community. Showing shows that are cartoons and kid sitcoms that they grew up watching as kids.  A good advertisement for this specific age group would be an cellphone ad. During that generation, they were basically the first generation to get their hands on a “personal” device that could almost do everything just within your hands. showing content such as phones, computer, and tablets would for sure catch their eyes and would want them to most likely get their hands on the newest thing.

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