television programming – CloudStream

  1. Programming Executive – Mzghuladze22; Social Media Executive – Vvillanueva21; Advertising Executive – predrick21; Enockolaison
  2. Shows – Recommendations

The Walking Dead   – Game of Thrones, fear the walking dead, breaking bad, stranger things

South park               – family guy, The Simpsons, south park, Bob’s burgers

Saturday Night Live – Monty Python, Dave Chappelle Special

Breaking Bad           – better call Saul, Sherlock, Vikings, Narcos

Twilight Zone           – Black Mirror

Gilmore Girls           -one tree hill, gossip girl

Friends                    -how i met your mother, the office

That 70s show         -two and a half men, the fresh prince of Bel-air

Bojack Horseman    -Rick and Morty

Grey’s anatomy        -scandal, the good doctor

3. A clip from Friends


4.  Apple and Spotify: Some services that would be interested in advertising on our streaming platform would be spotify and Apple pushing its premium streaming content. As a streaming service, we have the unique ability to appeal to all audiences, as we are not limited by time slots, and customers can choose the shows they watch. That said, spotify is a service which appeals to the majority of people today who have access to the internet (the majority of middle class families). Apple on the other hand can benefit from us because we can advertise their products ( phones, tablets, and Computers) as the best way to use our services. This is our main demographic as it is the largest economic subsection of America.

Advertising Plan: Nothing is worse than advertisements appearing in the middle of an episode or in and out of the screen as banners in the middle of what is being watched. Advertisements will be shown and played in between episodes in a thirty second or less time slot depending on the ad. This will allow for a break between episodes and no interruption within the episode itself. There also will be no distraction and competition between the show and the ad that appears on the screen. This will give the audience the ability to fully watch an episode with no interruption and continue watching after an advertisement is played between episodes and or shows.

5. These posts would ideally take place in Snapchat’s subscription stories and the official Instagram account for our network: CloudStream. These post would ideally attract a crowd of younger people rather than older. Anyone from 18+ years old would be available to sign up, but utilizing the social media platforms that are the most used by youth would also give the company an edge because kids could talk to their parents about the platform and convince them to sign up for the service. However, since a lot of people between the ages of 18-40 years are highly active in these social media platforms, this provides a secure crowd of people who could sign up for the service and who would be directly advertised to.

Television Programming Activity

Network Name: Yes Stalgia

Programming Executive – Anderson Bradshaw

Social Media Executive – demilynn

Advertising Executive – peanut4

Streaming Content:

  • Drake and Josh

Recommended: Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Suite Life on Deck

  • Hannah Montana

Recommended: Victorious, iCarly, Zoe 101

  • Wizards of Waverly Place

Recommended: Merlin, Big Time Rush, School of Rock

  • Jimmy Neutron

Recommended: Fairly Odd Parents, Invader Zim, SpongeBob

  • Lilo and Stitch

Recommended: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danny Phantom

Clip (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody):


Social Media Posts:


Social Media Posts Explanation:

Our streaming service, as the name implies, is a service that promotes former hit TV shows from the 2000’s such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network content. Our social media posts would want to draw on the nostalgia of our now grown audiences and remind them of the fun they had watching when they were younger. Therefore, we have retweeted old stars of some of our more popular shows such as Ariana Grande and Josh Peck in order to promote our shows or new content on the service.

Advertising Explanation:

Spotify and Amazon will be partnering with our network. These two companies cater to the 18-23 years age group, and so does our network. What’s great about Spotify is that they recently released Ariana Grande’s new album “Thank U, Next”, and she stars in one of our network shows “Victorious.” Other actors and tv shows have their albums and soundtracks out on Spotify also. Amazon is also great because viewers of our network can buy merchandise that’s inspired from the shows we stream. Such as clothing and posters. These ads will play in the middle of the streaming content as “commercial breaks”. This forces the viewers to the watch the ads, instead of having the option to skip it.

Television Programming Activity: Throwback to the 2000s

Network: Throwback to the 2000s

Group: veverica, boomer327 and huey

Streaming Line Up

If you watch:

SpongeBob (30 mins)

You might like:

Fairly Odd Parents (30 min),

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (30 mins),

Courage the Cowardly Dog (30 mins),

Powerpuff Girls (30 min),

Lilo and Stitch (30 mins),

Lizzie McGuire (30 mins),

Kim Possible (30 mins).


If you watch:

Hannah Montana (30 mins)

You might like:

That’s So Raven (30 mins)

Zoey 101 (30 mins)

Suite Life of Zack and Cody (30 mins)

Cory in the House (30 mins)

Wizards of Waverly Place (30 mins)

Big Time Rush (30 mins)


If you watch:

Victorious  (30 mins)

You might like:

Degrassi (30 mins)

iCarly (30 mins)

Drake and Josh (30 mins)

Ned’s Declassified (30 mins)


Clip of Drake and Josh


Social Media Posts:

For our streaming network, we decided that using Instagram and Twitter would be the best social media to use in order to reach our target demographic. Since our shows are from the early 2000s, we decided that our network would appeal to people as young as 16 to as old as 22. This group of people is still very young and in-tune with social media, and it is often rare to find people of this age group that do not have an Instagram and/or Twitter. These platforms are also instant and short, making them both easy to project to followers and quick to read. Our posts will attract young adults that have grown up with these shows over the years that have social media!



One company that would appeal to our network’s audience is Nintendo. This would be a great company because the target audience is a young enough age where games still appeal to a lot of them and old enough to play with this kind of technology. Also for some audience members Nintendo technology will be nostalgic and something from their youth that they enjoyed. And because the target age is late teens early twenties, the games Nintendo offers are still fun to play and just as tricky as when younger because of the variety of games offered. This should be advertised in the middle of streaming content for shows like Victorious and icarly because technology is used a lot in the shows and would therefore make Nintendo relevant enough to advertise during these programs. Another company to advertise that would be appropriate for our streaming service is Apple with itunes. For example, itunes could advertise artist’s new albums from singers that are on theses shows like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez. They are all creating new music still and are featured on a lot of the shows that are being streamed. If the audience enjoys the shows then they will likely enjoy the music that the actors produce. Itunes should have ads in the middle of shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly place because the featured artists are on those programs.


Television Programming: Black Throwback Hub

  1. Network Name: Black Throwback Hub (BTH)

Programming: Thomas

Social Media Executive: Gillyjob123, Thomas

Advertisement Executive: Gillyjob123

Monday: Family Matters x2 & The Cosby Show x2

Tuesday: Martin x2 & The Fresh Prince of Bel Air x2

Wednesday: Moesha x2 & One on One & Sister, Sister

Thursday: A Different World x4

Friday: The Proud Family, Kenan & Kel, Class of 3000, That’s So Raven


4. (Monday)- Are you ready to show your kids what real TV was about! Tune in for a #blastfrompast take, as we preview two of the of the best family shows during your childhood. Just cut on your TV and remember and remake some memories like you did when you were little kid with your kids. #BTHtv.


(Wednesday): It’s Wednesday night and we’re back with some female lead throwbacks!  Which throwback female is your #WCW? #Itslit #GirlPower


In Monday’s tweet, we try to grab a hold of the older people in the generations of the show. Whom have possibly watched the show with their parents growing up. Though most of the shows are not old, they are still watchable and should grab an eye to the younger generation as well. Wednesdays lineup consist of shows with a strong black female lead. The core demographic for this nostalgic night of programming is girls.  Primarily in their late teens through 20’s.  To grab the demographic we take advantage of the woman crush Wednesday tag(WCW) to seem cool and trendy.



  • Apple

  • Nike

The main audience for channel Black Throwback Hub “BTH” is aimed primarily towards the African-American community. There are specific days where we split to have it it up to have all groups of the community, so they can “re”enjoy their favorite classic shows growing up back in the day!

On Wednesday, The shows are primarily targeted for the women of color. Mainly to the girls who grew up around the late 80s’ to mid-early 90s’. A good commercial ad for this age group would  be Nike. This is perfect because around this age, people may start to see that they might have put on some weight and something they’d probably like to see is, “what’s the most comfortable, and affordable thing I can by while looking stylish?”. I believe Nike is the best company for that.

Friday is targeted towards African-Americans who grew up in the late 90s’ and early 2000s’ within the community. Showing shows that are cartoons and kid sitcoms that they grew up watching as kids.  A good advertisement for this specific age group would be an cellphone ad. During that generation, they were basically the first generation to get their hands on a “personal” device that could almost do everything just within your hands. showing content such as phones, computer, and tablets would for sure catch their eyes and would want them to most likely get their hands on the newest thing.

Back to the Future!!

Programming Executive: Chargers419

Social Media Executive: Cocoapuff

Advertising Executive: Calebwalls


*All shows are about 30 mins except for those under reality/drama (MTV) shows) therefore 4 shows per night*


  1. Spongebob
  2. Jimmy Neutron
  3. Fairly Oddparents
  4. Proud Family
  5. Code Name Kids Next Door  


  1. Teen Wolf
  2. Awkward
  3. Degrassi
  4. Catfish
  5. Jersey Shore


  1. Ex on the beach
  2. Life and times of RJ Berger
  3. Floribama Shore
  4. Blackish
  5. Johnny Test
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  7. Hannah Montana
  8. Zoey 101
  9. Drake & Josh
  10. Ed, Edd, and Eddie







                                                                                                                                            8,564 views                                                                                                  back2thefuture_ Shout out to the OGs who remember the old disney shows like Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place. If only there was a way to watch these shows all over again… oh wait there is @back2thefuture. #NeverTooOld.


                                                                                                                                  12,362 views                                                                                               back2thefuture_ Don’t EVER disrespect my good manz Jimmy and   Timmy like that ever again. #DynamicDuo #Nick@Nite #Back2TheFuture .

By posting about our network on Instagram, the word will get out to millennials who are obsessed with social media and who just barely made this generation of Disney and Nickelodeon shows but are familiar enough to recognize these shows. For the most part, the target audience would be people between ages 8-24; the shows are old enough for adults to feel nostalgic but childlike enough for kids to enjoy as well do to the cartoons. To add, our network provides throwback MTV shows to appeal to angsty teens. Another reason as to why Instagram is a good reliable source to get the word out about Back to the Future is because of one of the main reasons as to why people use Instagram at all (besides seeing what other people are doing). That reason being MEMES! For the most part they are funny and relatable to how viewers are feeling. Therefore, what better way to connect to viewers’ feelings of nostalgia than through memes.


Advertising Plan:

Our network features shows that target a wide range of audiences. We are looking to target older audiences and offer shows from their childhood and possibly attract younger generations at the same time. One of the advertisers that came to mind was Danimals Yogurt. The commercials they ran often featured the actors from various Disney shows. We felt that one way to attract the older audiences would be using the ads that aired along with the shows on their original network. This branded material that featured the actors from the show appeals to the younger audiences as well because they would be able to recognize these actors from more present TV series, and want to have that product in their hands. Along with the Danimals Yogurt, we thought that infomercials should include a toy or a product targeting kids. When kids see these new products being used they will want to have it immediately. Things like Nickelodeon’s green slime, Moon Shoes and other As Seen on TV products often have an impact on younger audiences.

Television Programming- tbtv


Program name: tbtv

psp16 – Programming

crabqueen – Social Media

natiliebennet – Advertising


Monday- Survivor and American Idol

Tuesday- Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black

Wednesday- Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

Thursday-Wizards of Waverly Place and Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Hannah Montana and Drake and Josh

Friday- Full House x2 and Boy Meets World x2


American Idol Season 7 Finale



Post 1 (Thursday): The #countdown is over! @Disney and @NickelodeonTV night is finally here. Tune in at 8/7 c tonight for a #tbt! #getoutthepopcorn #girlsnite?


Post 2 (Monday): Do you love reality tv?! Tune in at 8/7 c tonight for a night of #competition and #drama. #bloodsweatandtears #winnerwinnerchickendinner


The target audience of these Twitter posts (and our network as a whole) is older teenage girls and young women in their 20s. These posts closely mirror those of real television networks aimed at this demographic, as they tend to have a lot of hashtags and often @ the shows that are being aired. The posts that I made are also like the posts of real networks for this demographic because they are a little cringey and try a bit too hard to attract people. But, they get the job done. The platform also helps to grab the demographic, as it is quite common for young adult women to use Twitter often to connect with friends and businesses.


Companies for advertisements

  • Apple
  • Domino’s Pizza (or other food businesses)
  • Sephora (specifically for Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • XBox/PlayStation


The demographic of the audience that will watch programs scheduled for Monday, Thursday and Friday are people in their late teens and early twenties. This audience has grown up with developing technology and is always looking for the newest product. By advertising Apple products on these networks during these scheduled program will almost guarantee to grab this specific audience’s attention. They will be entertained by the nostalgic programming as well as being reminded they can be entertained by the technology in the modern day that they live in.

As for the programs scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday night, they are directed towards the same age group. However the shows are filled with certain drama and scandal that is most likely to grab the attention and views from an audience primarily of women. For this reason, targeting an audience of women in their late teens and early twenties, Sephora would be a company that would appeal to this audience. Some are nostalgic programs filled with adult content, and make-up can be considered to go along with this sophisticated theme.

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