Television programming activity- Chinese Central Television

My network’s name is Chinese Central Television, and I am going to do all work by myself since I was not in class before spring break.

Monday: Spongebob^3, CCTV news^1.

Tuesday:Pleasant Sheep and Grey Wolf^2, CCTV news^1.

Wednesday:NBA^2, CCTV news^1

Thursday:Crayon Shin-chan^2, CCTV news^1

Friday: Journey to West^2, CCTV news^1


I would like to introduce Pleasant Sheep and Grey Wolf which is the most influential series for me. This series basically talks about how a wolf is trying to kill sheep and eat them and how sheep use their brain to be alive. The reason why it is influential is that it taught me bad people can not beat good people. Even though it is a little bit naive, I was always a supporter for sheep when I was watching it. My target audiences are Children and Adults who like basketball. Also, CCTV news is what all of my family members are going to watch every day.

Lego and Gatorade. For most of series in this Channel is Cartoon, and I believe toys are going be really attractive for Children. Besides Cartoon, we still have NBA which can attract people who love basketball, and they might also play basketball outside very often. It is possible for me to buy Gatorade to replace what their drink when they are playing.



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