Back to the Future!!

Programming Executive: Chargers419

Social Media Executive: Cocoapuff

Advertising Executive: Calebwalls


*All shows are about 30 mins except for those under reality/drama (MTV) shows) therefore 4 shows per night*


  1. Spongebob
  2. Jimmy Neutron
  3. Fairly Oddparents
  4. Proud Family
  5. Code Name Kids Next Door  


  1. Teen Wolf
  2. Awkward
  3. Degrassi
  4. Catfish
  5. Jersey Shore


  1. Ex on the beach
  2. Life and times of RJ Berger
  3. Floribama Shore
  4. Blackish
  5. Johnny Test
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  7. Hannah Montana
  8. Zoey 101
  9. Drake & Josh
  10. Ed, Edd, and Eddie







                                                                                                                                            8,564 views                                                                                                  back2thefuture_ Shout out to the OGs who remember the old disney shows like Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place. If only there was a way to watch these shows all over again… oh wait there is @back2thefuture. #NeverTooOld.


                                                                                                                                  12,362 views                                                                                               back2thefuture_ Don’t EVER disrespect my good manz Jimmy and   Timmy like that ever again. #DynamicDuo #Nick@Nite #Back2TheFuture .

By posting about our network on Instagram, the word will get out to millennials who are obsessed with social media and who just barely made this generation of Disney and Nickelodeon shows but are familiar enough to recognize these shows. For the most part, the target audience would be people between ages 8-24; the shows are old enough for adults to feel nostalgic but childlike enough for kids to enjoy as well do to the cartoons. To add, our network provides throwback MTV shows to appeal to angsty teens. Another reason as to why Instagram is a good reliable source to get the word out about Back to the Future is because of one of the main reasons as to why people use Instagram at all (besides seeing what other people are doing). That reason being MEMES! For the most part they are funny and relatable to how viewers are feeling. Therefore, what better way to connect to viewers’ feelings of nostalgia than through memes.


Advertising Plan:

Our network features shows that target a wide range of audiences. We are looking to target older audiences and offer shows from their childhood and possibly attract younger generations at the same time. One of the advertisers that came to mind was Danimals Yogurt. The commercials they ran often featured the actors from various Disney shows. We felt that one way to attract the older audiences would be using the ads that aired along with the shows on their original network. This branded material that featured the actors from the show appeals to the younger audiences as well because they would be able to recognize these actors from more present TV series, and want to have that product in their hands. Along with the Danimals Yogurt, we thought that infomercials should include a toy or a product targeting kids. When kids see these new products being used they will want to have it immediately. Things like Nickelodeon’s green slime, Moon Shoes and other As Seen on TV products often have an impact on younger audiences.

The New Steve Irwin: Youtube Edition

“I’m Coyote Peterson. Be Brave. Stay Wild. We’ll see you on the next adventure”.

     The quote above is the signature catchphrase by the Youtube sensation Nathaniel Peterson, also known as Coyote Peterson by his online channel Brave Wilderness which has fourteen million subscribers and growing. He is known for being a wildlife educator which is exactly what he does twice a week when he uploads. Each episode begins with a little clip of what’s to come later to get the viewers interested, this a common technique used by youtubers. He then proceeds to show either the landscape of where the topic animal is from or a quick summary of the last episode to keep viewers caught up. Another technique of his and Youtube in general is to capitalize the title of the video to make it seem more urgent, and to exaggerate the thumbnail image to get people more intrigued. In each episode Coyote introduces a new animal and tells us interesting facts about it. These facts will include the scientific name of the creature, its diet, where and what kind of environment it lives in, and its predators. His most popular videos are the ones when he includes the segment the “sting zone”. This consists of his finding insects with the highest pain/sting index and stinging himself so that people know what it feels like.

       The Convergence Era is the most modern phase in TV history; it is the era where people are able to watch TV online whenever or wherever, avoid commercials (for the most part), have access to millions of channels or apps, and lastly watch what specifically interests them like animals. That is exactly what Youtube and Brave Wilderness does. Nowadays you can watch TV in color, and you don’t have to worry about missing an episode and never finding out what happens. Now, it is most likely that you can get up to date by finding the episode you missed on Youtube, or better yet, on the network’s website. What is posted on Youtube is there forever (unless the owner decides to take it down) unlike old TV shows that depend on reruns that don’t always happen. What Coyote Peterson and others on Youtube do is a new creative way of making money, and the new and improved form of television.

–Gabby Vasquez

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