television programming – CloudStream

  1. Programming Executive – Mzghuladze22; Social Media Executive – Vvillanueva21; Advertising Executive – predrick21; Enockolaison
  2. Shows – Recommendations

The Walking Dead   – Game of Thrones, fear the walking dead, breaking bad, stranger things

South park               – family guy, The Simpsons, south park, Bob’s burgers

Saturday Night Live – Monty Python, Dave Chappelle Special

Breaking Bad           – better call Saul, Sherlock, Vikings, Narcos

Twilight Zone           – Black Mirror

Gilmore Girls           -one tree hill, gossip girl

Friends                    -how i met your mother, the office

That 70s show         -two and a half men, the fresh prince of Bel-air

Bojack Horseman    -Rick and Morty

Grey’s anatomy        -scandal, the good doctor

3. A clip from Friends


4.  Apple and Spotify: Some services that would be interested in advertising on our streaming platform would be spotify and Apple pushing its premium streaming content. As a streaming service, we have the unique ability to appeal to all audiences, as we are not limited by time slots, and customers can choose the shows they watch. That said, spotify is a service which appeals to the majority of people today who have access to the internet (the majority of middle class families). Apple on the other hand can benefit from us because we can advertise their products ( phones, tablets, and Computers) as the best way to use our services. This is our main demographic as it is the largest economic subsection of America.

Advertising Plan: Nothing is worse than advertisements appearing in the middle of an episode or in and out of the screen as banners in the middle of what is being watched. Advertisements will be shown and played in between episodes in a thirty second or less time slot depending on the ad. This will allow for a break between episodes and no interruption within the episode itself. There also will be no distraction and competition between the show and the ad that appears on the screen. This will give the audience the ability to fully watch an episode with no interruption and continue watching after an advertisement is played between episodes and or shows.

5. These posts would ideally take place in Snapchat’s subscription stories and the official Instagram account for our network: CloudStream. These post would ideally attract a crowd of younger people rather than older. Anyone from 18+ years old would be available to sign up, but utilizing the social media platforms that are the most used by youth would also give the company an edge because kids could talk to their parents about the platform and convince them to sign up for the service. However, since a lot of people between the ages of 18-40 years are highly active in these social media platforms, this provides a secure crowd of people who could sign up for the service and who would be directly advertised to.

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