Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class was a TV show that ran from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The show took place in a high school setting “Monroe High School” and was a show about academically gifted high school students who are all very diverse. They range it out with characters having different personalities, ethnicities, and academic specialties. The kids in the show are about jocks and nerds “kind of the 80s setting” and is supposed to be goofy for this period of time. There are clearly separate groups in this show and is sure shot that this show is purely from the Post-Broadcasting era. the show is targeted towards teenage boys and possibly older men as well.

Head Of The Class is a very well scripted show to describe what the Post-Network Era television is. Even though the show was through the active era of PNE, the themes of the show help display the meaning of it all. During this time in television history, cable was on a climb and hundreds of channels were starting a new effect on television that changed the game of television. In this era, producers began to narrowcast and targeting specific groups.

The clip I am showing is a clip shows one good example of targeting a specific group. In this clip, a skinny nerdy guy is brought up upon these “big” jocks as they try to bully him. The jocks tell the nerd to be at a certain spot or else bad things will happen. Before the boy has to meet them, there is a funny scene that comes up which is supposed to be funny. From watching the clip, this is aiming towards mainly teenage boys and possibly other people as well. Though the show comes off to be Male dominate with females playing a very little role, It is a show for everyone. Yet it possibly would not be watched in a family setting.

-JG Gillard

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